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Vaporizers are devices that heat its content - alcohol, marijuana or tobacco to the point where its active ingredients are released in a gas that can be inhaled, while avoiding combustion (burning) and the production of smoke.

Combustion and smoke normally occur at above 230°C (446°F), while vaporizers operate at a lower temperature range of 155-218°C (311-424°F) depending on its contents.

Alcohol Vaporizers

Alcohol vapors contain zero calories and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Inhalation of vapor obtained by nebulization of water and ethanol in oxygen has been used in treatment of pulmonary edema in humans. Alcohol vapor acts as an anti-foaming agent in the lungs, so the sputum becomes more liquid, and can be easily expelled. The method has also been used to reduce the alcohol withdrawal syndrome in patients who had intestinal tract surgeries.

However there are possible health and safety risks of inhaling alcohol vapor. Inhalation devices make it "substantially easier to overdose on alcohol" than drinking, because the alcohol bypasses the stomach and liver and goes directly into the bloodstream, and because the user does not have a reliable way of determining how much alcohol they have taken in. Inhaled alcohol cannot be purged from the body by vomiting, which is the body's main protection against alcohol poisoning. Inhaled alcohol can dry out nasal passages and make them more susceptible to infection.

Tobacco Vaporizers

Tobacco vaporizers are great alternatives to smoking. Instead of burning the tobacco that generates toxic and carcinogenic byproducts, this vaporizer heats the tobacco in a partial vacuum such that the active compounds boil off into a vapor containing almost no particulate matter. Also, the vapor contains far less amount of carbon monoxide. As there is no combustion involved in the working of tobacco vaporizers, there is almost no production of smoke.

Those who relish the taste and aroma of tobacco will enjoy vaporizing this herb as a healthier alternative to smoking, because the herbs are heated to the point just below combustion, hence no burning occurs. The active ingredients in the tobacco convert into a vapor and can be easily inhaled.

Using a tobacco vaporizer is a slower and more relaxing process in comparison to cigarette smoking. This is because you will first need to grind the herbs or buy a bag of loose tobacco, then wait for the vaporizer to heat up, and then finally load your herbs and allow them to vaporize. As the process is time consuming, you will vaporize less frequently than smokers and also use less amount of tobacco.

Marijuana Vaporizers

Proper cannabis use has noticeable health benefits. In fact, nearly all of the health issues and problems associated with potentially harmful smoke (including carcinogens, tar, etc.) can be avoided if the herb is only heated to the point where the desired cannabinoids (typically found in the resin of the flower), are released without igniting/destroying the material. This is precisely what a vaporizer does. Since the herb does not get burned, there is hardly any smoke or smell. Because the flower does not get burned at the first go around, you get the most out of it and makes it more cost effective.

VSC Information

About Vapor Systems

Vapor Systems Corporation is a British Virgin Islands based technology and product development company whose primary business is the manufacture and sale of its vaporizers and related products.
Vapor Systems Corporation is publicly traded under the symbol VPR on the IW World Exchange.        

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