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Vapor Systems™ Vaporizers
Vapor Systems™ Vaporizers are small battery-powered products that enable users to inhale marijuana (THC), nicotine solutions, and alcohol vapor without smoke, tar, ash or carbon monoxide. Our vaporizer design is simple, elegant and practical and their construction.

VS Platinum - Alcohol Vaporizer - Vapor Flask™
Vapor Systems™ Recreational Alcohol Vaporizers (patent pending) are part of the new revolution for consuming alcohol. Through our alcohol vaporizers, the alcohol is inhaled rather than swallowed and works with any spirits with the full flavor of the individual spirits comes through smoothly.

VS Gold - Multiuse Vaporizer
This vaporizer has three heat settings (green, silver, and blue) for vaporizing cannabis, alcohol, or nicotine solutions.

VS Green - Marijuana Vaporizer - MedMar™
Designed for Legalized medical and recreational marijuana use specifically with MedMar™ cartridges.

VS Blue - Nicotine Vaporizer
Designed for of nicotine and flavor solutions.

MedMar™ Labs Cannabis Cartridge Machines
The company is in the process of manufacturing a self-contained unit that comprises all the required elements to monitor and control, and convert raw cannabis to a high grade solution subsequently loaded into clear vapor cartridges, ready to use, in specifically designed MedMar™ Vaporizers.

Vapor Systems™ Kits and Accessories
Vapor Systems™ Vaporizers are typically sold in kits that contain everything a user needs to begin enjoying their "vaping" experience. In addition to kits we sell replacement batteries, replacement mouthpieces and tank that contain the liquid solution and atomizer. In addition to our electronic vaporizer products we sell an assortment of accessories, including USB, home and car charging devices, carrying cases and replacement parts.

VSC Information

About Vapor Systems

Vapor Systems Corporation is a British Virgin Islands based technology and product development company whose primary business is the manufacture and sale of its vaporizers and related products.
Vapor Systems Corporation is publicly traded under the symbol VPR on the IW World Exchange.        

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