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May 22, 2017

GVCL Ventures, Inc. dba Global Vision Cannabis Life, enters into a License agreement with Vapor Systems Corp.

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GVCL Ventures, Inc. dba Global Vision Cannabis Life, enters into a License agreement with Vapor Systems Corp.

Pompano Beach, May 22, 2017 / OTC Disclosure and PR News Wire / GVCL Ventures, Inc. (the "Company") dba Global Vision Cannabis Life (OTC: GVCL), today announced the company has entered into a business and license agreement with Vapor Systems Corp. (VSC) ( VSC is a leader in the new wave of products for consuming medical marijuana, cannabinoids, hemp and even alcohol in the form of Vapor Systems proprietary delivery system, thereby allowing for a safer consumption alternative. Like tobacco, marijuana smoke contains toxins that are known to be hazardous to the respiratory system. VSC cannabis and alcohol vaporizers are designed to let users inhale cannabinoids while avoiding the harmful toxins as well as inhaling alcohol without the traditional assault on the internal organs and calories consumed.

BIS Research estimates that the global electronic cigarette industry will exhibit a growth of over 22.36% (CAGR) from 2015 to 2025, to reach a total market value of $50 Billion by 2025 as per its updated report.

The license agreement covers the sale of all of VSC's products for North America and Mexico, has a term of two years with a yearly renewal option, as well as an option to buy Vapor Systems Corp. GVCL will issue ten million restricted common shares and provide marketing support through its wholly owned subsidiary, GVCL Marketing Corp. VSC will manufacture and market all products, oversee production and manage the day to day operations of the venture. It will also provide its resources, management and internet presence. The license agreement provides for GVCL deriving total sales of the VSC products and providing VSC with a 15% royalty of gross sales.

Gerald Neziol, President of the Company, states, "This joint venture with Vapor Systems Corp. perfectly complements our recently announced joint venture with Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Bay Islands Company, ( as it provides an alternative delivery system for their cannabis products as well as their alcohol based products. Along with Bay Islands products, Vapor Systems will be offering their unique vapor delivery system to a multitude of other companies throughout North America and Mexico and the industry at large."

About GVCL Ventures, Inc.:
GVCL Ventures, Inc. (, doing business as Global Vision Cannabis Life, is a business opportunity company with a primary focus on operational Cannabis, Hemp and CBD companies to work with for the purpose of enhancing shareholder value, in symphony with its wholly owned subsidiary, GVCL Marketing Corp., which provides a unique network marketing opportunity that utilizes its extensive access to online digital campaigns via the internet for its clients and partners, to enhance their productivity and revenue.
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Vapor Systems Corporation is a British Virgin Islands based technology and product development company whose primary business is the manufacture and sale of its vaporizers and related products.
Vapor Systems Corporation is publicly traded under the symbol VPR on the IW World Exchange.        

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